Discount Radio Gear (for Amateur Bands)


So if you’re like me, and about to take (and pass!) your Technician level exam and get your call sign, you probably need a radio. Assuming you don’t have mad cash to blow, you need one cheap. My previous posts might suggest I recommend building your first radio — that’s a negative. It is, much, much easier, cheaper, and just generally safer to buy a used radio. There’s of course, the net standard eBay, and even a few used transceivers on amazon, but the real gem in used radio is UniversalRadio’s used section. They have handheld transceivers (a great first rig for the vhf/uhf bands) as low as $30, if you catch it right, alongside mobile rigs and HF shack units for under $200. Plus, they’ve got the cheapest new antennas I’ve seen yet. Or, you know, you could splurge, and drop six hundo on this killer new Yaesu Quad-band HT. To each his own.

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