Preparing for FREE DAY

It’s that time of the year again, to rape Sparkfun’s servers trying to get free shit. Instead of the situation last year, where you earned your loot by answering multiple choice questions (I got 4 ATtinys! FO’ FREE) it’s all chance. Will you or won’t you win a $100 gift card? Only the universe knows.


There are many ways to get free components, microcontrollers, top-of-the-line ICs, and so on and so forth. Read on, dear brother, read on.

LadyAda’s Wiki of all Free things Electronic

From now through free day 2012 (January 9, 2012) I am going to attempt to acquire over $100 in swag. Updates weekly on my progress are surely forthcoming. This week, we’re going after ATMEL and Microchip. Who will be the victor in generosity? Who will come off as stingy elitists? Only the universe knows.

Also up this week are the big boys in enclosures: Pac-tec and Hammond Manufacturing, both known to be quite high quality, and known to be very generous. I’ve got plenty of ideas for tough, weatherproof enclosures, and I know you do too.

Let me know if you’ve learned something I haven’t! I’m always up for a good chat…

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