Update: Spartan-6 LX9 Microboard


I’ve gotten this development board in, and it is amazing! Haven’t had time to do much but plug it in and watch the example design blink away at me, but impressive knowing instead of a microprocessor controlling the pattern, it’s an actual (mostly) physical multivibrator circuit (I’m assuming, or a binary counter (i think in this case that’d still apply (woo nested parenthesis (it’s late, forgive me.))))

Where-was-I-going-with-this that’s right.

Xilinx/Avnet support for this product is abysmal to the point of embarrassment. That’s a bit harsh. I believe they’ve simply let their respective websites become spaghetti coded to shit, making the documentation, drivers, and reference designs become deadlocked behind levels and levels of infinite loops of server redirects. I’ve contacted them, but in the mean time, I’ve found an excellent listing of tutorials (for both this product, and FPGAs in general) that I will me manually sorting and posting, tomorrow evening, round this time.

Stay posted, let me know what your thinking down below.

I’m out.

One thought on “Update: Spartan-6 LX9 Microboard

  1. You can find loads of reference designs for this particular board here — https://www.em.avnet.com/en-us/design/drc/pages/supportanddownloads.aspx?RelatedId=90

    Though you’d need an Avnet/Xilinx account in order to get there. I recommend to start from documents listed under «User Guide» section. If you are more into software, you can run Linux on it, see http://xilinx.wikidot.com/microblaze-linux and http://tingcao.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/run-linux-on-avnet-spartan-6-lx9-microboard-2/

    Good Luck! :-»

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