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In preparation for testing for my technicians class radio license, I’ve been designing a data modem for my avr chips. The current plan is to use a tuned FM transmitter, driven by an op-amp square wave generator, modulated by a microcontroller. This is an improvement (in both power and computational resources) over the original idea of summing sinewaves on the Tx side and Fast Fournier Transform on the Rx side. Seems pretty wasteful, now doesnt it?

Attiny85 Parallel Programmer (AVR compatible)

Here it is, works like a dream. Get out your soldering iron, and build this up. Spread the knowledge.

The Atmega32 Programmer. In the wake of this final year project presentation on 22nd January, we sort of started things up with the project. The first thing was the brain of our sensor nodes – the micro-controller – which needed to be get done with. We chose Atmel’s Atmega32 uC for following “good” reasons: 1. Atmega32 puts up a lot of features right on the uC itself. Things like ADC, Internal Oscillator (1 MHz), 32 KB flash memory etc. are built on the chip and thus sav … Read More

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